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we are critical friend consulting

Some people regard the term “critical friend” as an oxymoron. Not in our book

For us a critical friend is someone you can trust and who asks the right questions at the right time. We examine your business with a fresh pair of eyes and from an external perspective. As a critical friend, we are an advocate for the success of your business
We take the time to fully understand your business environment and the outcomes that you are working towards. We consider these outcomes from the perspective of your staff, customers and stakeholders.

We know what its like so we are very sympathetic to the challenges you face.

We genuinely love what we do

We genuinely love what we do and have been operating in the customer services arena for many years.

We have built our success on our passion for inspiring excellence through learning. We are sharply focused on improving competencies by thinking outside the box as a means of embedding sustainable solutions.

in a word, NOW!

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