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Company Registration

Do you want to register your business in Ghana or in Germany?
For instance, did you know that foreign nationals can now come to Germany to start their own business?

Germany wants to make it easier for innovative people from abroad to start their own business in Germany and help create jobs here. The changes in the Residence Act in force since August 2012 are intended to encourage would-be entrepreneurs to invest in Germany and give the federal states more leeway in assessing whether a given business project is likely to be successful.

If your business idea is successful and you are thus able to make a living for yourself and your family, you can have your residence permit extended, initially for a maximum of three years. Afterwards, you can apply for a settlement permit after just three years!


Skilled Worker Migration

As a skilled worker, it is possible to seek for employment in a foreign country. For instance in Germany, The Skilled Workers Immigration Act makes it easier for skilled workers with professional, non-academic training to migrate to

Germany for work purposes. Are you interested in seeking opportunities abroad?

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i-Invest Home

This is a special desk that has been created to serve the needs of Africans abroad that are looking for an efficient team they can trust to manage their investment projects back home. Whether the need is for business advice, market research, project management, ConDev-Solutions is at you service.

Estate and Stocks Investment Opportunities

Buying a property is one of the most important decisions in our life, however, when buying real estate abroad or as a foreign citizen, it might become very complicated. How can you buy a house or apartment in Ghana or Germany and how to finance it send us a chat and let’s begin! As a foreigner? We will answer these and more questions. Why not

Did you know that foreigners are allowed to buy real estate for rental purpose in Germany and Ghana? Both a private person of foreign origin and a legal entity can purchase a property, for instance in Germany. Moreover, there are no legal restrictions regarding this process. You can buy a house/apartment the same way as a German national would do.

Corporate Sales and Purchase

We make corporate purchases of goods easy and convenient for all our clients. Companies no longer have to face the challenges of verifying the authenticity of sellers or products. We bridge this gap in the most efficient and convenient way.

Do you want to make purchases abroad? Why not let us take the burden off you.

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Giving your business an international outlook has never been easier and efficient. Are you ready to take your business to the next stage?

Virtual Business Address and Administration

Many times, getting a legal registered business address and office is huge hurdle many enthusiastic entrepreneurs have not been able to cross. We bring these and a whole lot more to make your foreign business aspiration a reality. Other services include:

  • Certified registered office address
  • Prestigious Business Address, Marketing Address, Visiting and Delivery Address
  • Incoming Mail scanning, translating and forwarding to your email or postal address
  • Local Phone Number and Phone Call Answering Service
  • Office Receptionist,
  • Corporate Secretary and Personal Assistant
  • Substance and tax compliant premises
  • Company Nameplate, Google Maps Pin, Proof of Address


Purchase of Security Paraphernalia

Do you intend to purchase security paraphernalia for your personal security needs, for an agency or for the government?

At ConDev-Solutions, our business security solution team has the experiences that easily come to bear to ensure you have the best security equipment there is and that meets with your price expectation.

VIP Purchase Order

Are you from the government, part of the government, or CEO of large enterprises or multi-national organizations? Do you desire to have a confidential chat with our special team squad? Kindly feel the form below and we will be in touch.


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