On the Job Training


on the job

iCare encourages community members to take part in activities that both challenge and inspire them to learn new skills, meet new people, maintain their health and wellbeing, and be involved in community life.
Reflecting the diversity of our local community, we facilitate a range of on the job training programs in response to individual interest to equip unemployed individuals, including those receiving Australian government benefits, to enter/re-enter the workforce. Each program runs for six months, with continuous review and improvement to ensure the program is responsive to participants’ needs and strengths.

Beyond securing employment, the program aims to provide lifelong skills to equip participants in finding, applying and maintaining employment such as

  • Creative thinking
  • Following instructions
  • Effective communication
  • Working in a team

Community Radio Journalism

Participants seeking to develop their skills and confidence to speak in public, to work in the audio or visual media industry get experience through iCare’s online community radio station, Down Under Radio. Participants gain experience in various skills and techniques that enable them to:

  • Design and develop programs for radio broadcast
  • Think of new and innovating ideas of how to capture audience and listenership
  • Create educational programs that will benefit the low income and disadvantaged
  • Learn how to advertise and promote through social media

Charity Drive, Books and Clothes Sorting and Recycling

Participants assist with the sorting of charity goods and donated items to be distributed to beneficiaries. Activities may include:

  • Unpacking donated items
  • Sorting of donated items
  • Washing and Drying of donated items (if necessary)
  • Repairing and ironing of clothes
  • Labelling
  • Rebinding and recovering books
  • Packaging and loading up for delivery to other charitable organisations

Social Media And Marketing

Participants may choose to work on social media and marketing skills. These include:

  • Content creation and management
  • Interaction with users: community engagement.
  • Social commerce: leads, calls to action and conversions in social media.
  • Monitoring: online media, information sources and social channels.
  • Measurements and follow-up
  • Contests and campaigns
  • Website, blog and social platform
  • Email marketing
  • Database creation video-marketing

Life Skills: Art & Craft, Jewelry Making

The aim of life and people skills training is to build people’s confidence to work in a team, follow instructions, and work under supervision, in order to assist them to find appropriate training and employment opportunities. Participants assist in planning, designing and carryout simple tasks such as creating gift cards, knitting, jewelry making and other art and craft activities from new and recycled products. These items are packaged for donation to organisations such as the Children’s Ward at Westmead Hospital, Homeless and Women’s Shelters and other similar charitable causes.

The participants of this program gain the following skills:

  • Creative thinking
  • Practical application to produce items
  • Working with tools and materials, such as metals, feathers and faux gemstones
  • Drawing and producing designs
  • Paying attention to detail
  • Following instructions
  • Working in a team