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About Us

About New Horizon Special School

Our school was established by Mrs Salome Francois in 1972 and is with the Ministry of Education, and has been legally registered as a Voluntary, Non-Profit making and charitable institution in Ghana. It is managed by an Executive Director and controlled by a Board of Trustees of New Horizon Special School.

We provide day school education for children and vocational training and employment for adults who have intellectual disability. Persons with other disabilities, e.g. spastic, cerebral palsy, visually impaired, hearing impaired etc are also admitted so long as their primary disability is learning difficulty. Presently students aged four to forty plus years attend the school.

Our programs include day school education for children and vocational training and employment for adults between 4 and 40 years of age.  We are funded through donations, sponsorship and the proceeds of our products. Your support is very welcome

Our main objectives are:

to provide special a type of education and vocational training for children and adults with special needs.

to develop each child’ potential to the full so that he or she can lead productive and satisfying life.

Parents are encouraged to take active part in the school’s activities, and educational programs are organized for them from time to time.

Our Mission, Vision and Objectives

Our Mission

Every student has unique individual needs. Our program meets the academic, physical, social, behavioural, and emotional needs of every student so that each student has equal opportunities to succeed and become a contributing member of society.

Our Vision

To serve an identified special education population and provide a special type of vocational education & training for children and adults with special needs. To develop each child’ potential to the full for a productive satisfying life. We strive to establish and maintain effective partnerships with regular education, parents, orphanages, private practice professionals (doctors, psychologists, etc.), and the larger community.Values

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child whether handicapped or not, has the right to develop to his or her fullest capabilities.

Our Values

Instruction: We value effective instruction consisting of intentional planning, leveraging district curriculum resources, teaching strategies ensuring student engagement, assessment for learning, and deliberate reflection.

Growth and achievement of the whole learner: We value student growth and achievement in social-emotional and academic competencies reflective of the whole learner. Learners are empowered to demonstrate growth and achievement in a variety of ways.

Leadership and service: We value, lead, and serve educators through coaching, providing resources, targeted professional learning, and facilitating the development of leadership capacity.

Equity for all: We value equitable access to rigorous and relevant educational opportunities empowering all learners to reach their highest aspirations. We foster a culture that honours differences in ethnicity, gender, economic status, ability, language, and culture with a goal of eliminating achievement and opportunity gaps.

Relationships, collaboration, and communication: We value the power of relationships to promote growth and achievement. We facilitate collaborative processes and communication inclusive of students, educators, families, and our community.

All children are knowledgeable and deserve love and respect.