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About Us

Perfection has no limits, and this is our way
Who we are 

Seatec was born in the year 1980, when the passions of our co-founders: for technology and for service, were ignited.  Starting with the provision of Marine Technology and related services, we have evolved over the years to meet customers’ needs and bridge gaps in the market, making our mark and becoming a household name in the field of Communications Technology.

As we continue to innovate in response to our customer base, we are focused on providing Digital Technologies the Seatec Way, that is, in a manner that ensures effective use, ultimately impacting productivity, reducing costs and securing operational success.

Our vision is to be recognized as the most reliable provider of enabling digital technologies in Ghana and beyond.

Our passion for Satisfied Customers through service and support for the technologies we provide leads us to emphasize Integrity, Reliability, Teamwork, Commitment and Professionalism in all we do, always putting the customer first.

We fulfill our twin promises of effective deployment and authentic support-in-use by ensuring that our team is fully certified in all aspects of our work and richly experienced through intentional hands-on exposure.


Experience and professionalism

From presidential award to first place for the best stand at AITEC IT Fair, contributing to Labadi Beach Hotel’s earning of 5-star status etc we have made our mark as a well capped brand offering world-class services

Offer of Value

The future is with us

Availability: The highly advanced communication technology solutions you want are locally available from a certified partner.
Tailored: Our solutions are tailored to meet your needs.