New Breast Plate for Better Female Body ArmorProtection

Anyone in law enforcement or the armed forces understands that body armor can be the difference between life and death in certain situations.  While the breast plate is designed to protect men and women, it does have some flaws when it comes to protecting female officers. Simonette Lanier, the founder and creator of ArmHER Ballistic Breast Plate for Women saw that there was a grave need for women to be protected while in the line of duty. With over 15 years’ experience in law enforcement and private security, she set out to make a breast plate that was accommodating for women.

The ArmHER Breast Plate is a solid ballistic-resistant plate that includes a semicircular projection to accommodate the breasts of female wearers. Made of a boron-carbide ceramic, it measures about ten inches by thirteen inches, and includes clipped upper corners. The strategically positioned projection extends for approximately three inches, allowing it to fit within the plate-hosting pouches of standard ballistic vests.  

This simple modification of the man’s plate eliminates painful breast compressions, makes it easier to breathe, and it does not restrict the motion or mobility of the female officer. This plate ensures the vest is more comfortable as it is contoured to the female body. Additionally, the ArmHER Breastplate does not require individual fittings it can be made in Medium, Large, and Ex large.

The design of the breast plate allows it to comfortably align itself to a woman’s breasts decreasing discomfort.  During the development and design phase, Ms. Lanier met with multiple female officers to find out what they liked least about their current breast plate.  The number one complaint was that the breast plates put pressure on their abdomen’s because it did not accommodate their breasts. ArmHER Breast Plate is comfortable, encourage women to comply to the occupational requirements of their job, while providing life-saving protection in hostile situations.

As the demand for modular tactical vests is on the rise, it has been shown that women need to have body armor that is accommodating to their needs. ArmHer Breast Plate for Women is on the fore front of creating body armor that address their specific needs.