Your business’ safety is not optional. It’s everyone’s business to create a safe and healthy workplace.
Membership makes it easy through tools, checklists and advice. Gain an assistance to ensure you develop
a safety management plan. Get access to tools, training, knowledge and expert advice on how to
protect your people and business from the risks. You can’t afford to ignore it.


How We Help

Workplace OHS

Ensures that your business doesn’t incur hefty fines. WorkplaceOHS is a cloud-based tool that helps you keep on top of WHS issues.

Business Assessment

Start from a business self-assessment to help you establish what is required to manage safety in your workplace.

Business Diagnosis

Business diagnosis will help you identify the gaps in your compliance. Our consultant will guide you to prevent the risk of your business.

Safety Consulting

Safety and risk consulting make good sense: help you avoid the costs and minimise your exposure to fines.

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