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Smart Lighting solutions to quickly set the mood and add convenience to your routine. Schedule routine lights, control lights from anywhere. Or ask Alexa to do it for you.

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What is Smar Lighting

This nifty little setup uses a combination of motorized curtain controllers to automatically close and open drapes, shades and blinds, and integrates with your modern-day smart home setup via Wifi or Zigbee switches. Control your curtains from the comfort of your bed or couch using Kenee’s smart touch panel switches, app, IR Remotes, or voice control through Alexa or Google. A great smart home feature offering convenience, energy savings, privacy and safety.


Automate to have your decor Protected

Long exposure to sunlight can cause degradation of your furniture and decor. Smart curtains will automatically close at set times.

Control from your bed and have a comfortable Rest

Tucked into bed without your curtains drawn? With automatic controls, draw them without spoiling your sleep. Wake up slowly and naturally.

For your protection and Safety

With motorized curtains, quickly adjust the curtains when you need privacy or automate them to draw themselves when you are away from home.

Multiple Configurations

Every home is different which makes customisability is key. When choosing Kenee’s home automation, you get complete flexibility to customise the user interfaces to your liking. Have complete control and have customised glass panels, customised icons, customised text and more to suit the exact look and feel decided by you or your architect.


One Zone (502 Z / T) For single curtain motor Metal Box Size : 79*75*52mm


Two Zone (502 Z / T) For two curtain motors Metal Box Size : 79*135*52mm

How You Can Use

Set Schedules

Automate your curtains to subtly wake you up every morning. Feel refreshed and ready to conquer the day!

Ask Alexa

A simple voice command to Alexa or Google home to draw or open your curtains is much lesser effort, making your life easier!

Save Energy

Smart Use Of EnergyMake use of natural lighting and heat, curtain motors, thermostat and sensors work in cohesion to optimize usage.

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