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KeNee app integrates indoor and outdoor security cameras of numerous brands to keep your home secure at all times
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What Are Home Security Cameras?

KeNee’s home security camera systems are designed to provide holistic security for home and office setups. Compatible with a wide variety of camera brands, Kenee’s security solutions are replete with integration options designed to work with a host of smart home automation solutions like smart locks, gate controllers and sensors.

KeNee’s smart app, allows you to view live feeds of your home and office from anywhere and notifies you where there is suspicious activity or unauthorized access. With professional and secure installations the safety of your loved ones and your home is well guaranteed.


Keep an eye on your Pets or Kids

Leaving kids at home or sometimes even pets can be quite stressful for some people. Stress no more with security cameras to always keep an eye.

Support breakin investigations

Professionally installed cameras will record and capture the culprit on camera and help authorities in case of investigation

Intimidate Criminals

The presence of cameras in a home scares any criminals and casues them to think twice about robbing a home

View live security footage on your phone

The KeNee smart app allows for integration of security cameras by which real time camera feed can be visualized and alerts for activity obtained

How You Can Use

Keep an Eye

In case you are not at home and have a delivery person come, home automation allows remote access to locks and monitoring with security cameras  

Get notified

Imagine you are on vacation and no one is at home. With security cameras get notified when someone comes home.

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