Smart Dimmer

Alter the mood of the space

Change the visual appearance of a space by dimming the lights, controlled using glass touch panels, KeNee app or voice control.
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What is a Smart Dimmer

Smart dimmers are a convenience feature that offers additional control over the lighting in your living spaces. By allowing you to adjust the brightness of the LED lights in a room via voice control (Alexa and Google), Kenee’s app, or a smart switch, it’s a must-have for users who like to set the perfect ambiance, be it a romantic dinner or a cozy movie night


Beautiful Ambience

Dim lights make each and every space more aesthetically appealing and suited to your mood. Make the ambience of each room beautiful with dimmers.

Save Energy

Dimmers make better use of electrical energy, not only reducing your electricity bills but also increasing the lifespan of bulbs

Better Security

Whether you are home or away, having dim lights will hinder entry of any intruder. Also save energy with low power usage of dimmable bulbs

Multiple Configurations

Every home is different which makes customisability is key. When choosing Kenee’s home automation, you get complete flexibility to customise the user interfaces to your liking. Have complete control and have customised glass panels, customised icons, customised text and more to suit the exact look and feel decided by you or your architect.


One Zone (110 Z / T) One Zone + 2 Lights (112 Z / T) Metal Box Size : 79*75*52mm


Three Zone (330 Z / T) One Zone + 3 Lights (113 Z / T) Metal Box Size : 79*135*52mm


One Zone + 6 Lights (116 Z / T) Two Zone + 5 Lights (125 Z / T) Metal Box Size : 79*207*52mm


One Zone + 7 Lights (117 Z / T) Two Zone + 6 Lights (126 Z / T) Metal Box Size : 79*230*52mm

How You Can Use

Schedule for sleeping

Set your lights to dim at bedtime. Lowering light intensities closer to bedtime help you relax, do this manually or automate it to change everynight.

Ask Alexa

A simple voice command to Alexa or Google home to dim your lights is much lesser effort, making your life easier!

Highlight certain spaces

Dimmable lights can be set at a different level of brightness to the rest of the room. This helps draw attention to beautiful pieces which might otherwise go unnoticed.

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