The Smart Home Series : Shedding Some Light On Smart Lighting

In the millennial era, time is money and comfort is convenience, here, smart, and intelligent things have become quintessential. From our watches to our phones, televisions, cars, and more importantly our homes, smart living is ruling the world. Having a smart home is not only cool and tech-savvy but comes with its own perks like energy efficiency, automated actions, prescheduled day-to-day activities, and added peace of mind. Thus, making your home smart and giving your home its own mind, lets you catch a much-deserved break. But, what does it take to make your home smart? Are smart homes only about an app on your phone or a fancy switch that turns on and off at your touch? We don’t think so! (although, those are most certainly a part of the bigger picture). Smart homes entail much more and we will walk you through all its essentials, one step at a time. To start with, let’s shed some light on smart lighting!‍


Smart lighting is one of the simplest and most convenient components in a smart home. Getting the right colors, luminescence, energy efficiency makes all the difference to your homes and who doesn’t fancy a well-lit home? But is it only about a well lit home? The answer is a big no. The smartest thing about smart lighting is that it’s more than just lighting. It is a well planned and designed network of lighting in your home, which enables you to create multiple functions and which enables you to control them as simply as using your phones. You can pick your choice from the plethora of colors and hues available and light up your homes, just the way you want it, anytime and from anywhere. Your house lights can be made to match the seasons, celebrations, home decor and individual room decor. It can be warm, cool and made to go easy on your eyes. You can turn on individual lights, a group of lights, or set a scene, all of this using an app, touch panels, voice control, or a remote.


Having a smart home and smart lighting is like having a house that can read your mind. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You come back from a long day at work, as you arrive, your garage door can trigger the lights at the entry and lead you in. Conveniently placed lighting, touch panels, and motion sensors allow you to move about the house without disturbing the rest of the household. Now, you want to sit back and relax, set the scene easily with a wave of your wand ( Oh! we mean your phone/remote 😉 ), or just say the spell (again, we mean voice control!) or with your magical touch. The lights dim to the choice of your brightness, the speakers start playing your favorite playlist, the front doors get locked, while you lean back and put up your feet. What’s more? Smart lighting is intuitive and functions with the flow of the whole family, making your daily routine simpler. Additionally, it also lets you save a few extra bucks by saving on energy. 


A sleek and uber-chic customizable touch panel that can control multiple lights in multiple rooms. High-quality glass panels, with high sensitivity and customizable laser engraved icons. Colors and finishes that blend in seamlessly into your wall and that match your room decor.  Don’t fiddle with boring multiple switches anymore. A single customizable panel offering great functionality through presets and with over 30+ available combinations.


One of the things that make smart lighting very smart is its multiple interfaces. There is something for everybody! And between the family, you can choose your preferred medium to control your fixtures and devices. While the App enables you to control lights inside the house, using your phone while you are away, the voice control feature lets you give commands to your Alexa or Google home when your hands are full. Use the IR remote to control lights, or change the scene while relaxing on your couch, or put the whole house to sleep with one touch on your bedside touch panel at night. Can it get any simpler? Easy to understand and easier to use, the controls are child and elderly-friendly at the same time.

Like they say “There is no place like home”, but, we say there is no place like a smart home! Make your home smart today!

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