Smart Lighting

Control. Dim. Set The Mood.

Smart Lighting solutions to quickly set the mood and add convenience to your routine. Schedule routine lights, control lights from anywhere. Or ask Alexa to do it for you.

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What is Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is a core part of a home automation system. Kenee’s smart lighting system allows you to control your existing LED, CFL, Incandescent Lights through apps, voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Automate routine tasks such as turning on your lights just before sunset, dimming them up or down based on the time of the day, and more. Replacing your existing modular switches with KeNee smart switches couldn’t be simpler. Without any extra wiring, your modular switches get replaced with wireless switches that can also be operated by regular touch operations.

That’s not all, have access to your lighting from anywhere in the world – either through the WizHom App or by voice. A really handy feature that comes in use in case you’ve left home and forgot to turn off the lights, or you anticipate your kids coming home and you’re going to be late. Control your lights from anywhere.


Operations That Are Completely

Operate all Kenee lighting products through the Kenee app or IR remote or Voice assist.

Have Complete Control From

Your Kenee smart home lighting controls can be operated from anywhere. Check status at any time.

Reduce YourBill, Save

Smart lights can be scheduled to automatically turn on and off as per your lifestyle

Multiple Configurations

Every home is different which makes customisability is key. When choosing KeNee’s home automation, you get complete flexibility to customise the user interfaces to your liking. Have complete control and have customised glass panels, customised icons, customised text and more to suit the exact look and feel decided by you or your architect.


One Zone (101 Z / T), Two Zone (102 Z / T), Three Zone (103 Z / T)Metal Box Size : 79*75*52mm


Four Zone (104 Z / T) Metal Box Size : 79*135*52mm


Six Zone (106 Z / T) Metal Box Size : 79*207*52mm


Eight Zone (108 Z / T) Metal Box Size : 79*230*52mm

How You Can Use

Voice Activate

Turning lights on as you enter the home after a long day can be pretty exhausting, instead just command alexa to do it for you

Set Favourites

Used to particular type of lighting in each room? Set your favourite devices in your smart home app and always feel comfortable with your favourite lighting

Even when you’re away

Make It Seem Like You Are Home Even When You Aren’t. Schedule your lights to turn on in the evening so that your home looks occupied even while you are away

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